What is 3Route?

3Route is a cross-DEX on-chain aggregator with autorouting, that facilitates cost-efficient transactions across various DEXes in the Tezos ecosystem.

In what countries is the Website available?

The 3route.io is available to use in most countries. For detailed information on the terms and conditions that may apply, please, check out our Terms of Use.

What Tezos DEXes are supported?

How is my trade executed?

Suppose you want to swap some Amount of token A to token B. 3Route finds most advantageous consecutive swaps combinations (routes) through DEXes' pools to transfer from token A to token B. Then it builds an optimized distribution of your Amount across these several routes and generates one atomic transaction. After that the only thing you have to do is to send this transaction via your wallet app, just the same as you do while using an ordinary DEX.

What is a route?

Route from token A to token B is any chain of consecutive swaps through any Tezos DEXes that can be entered with token A and gives token B in the output. For example, swap1: token A for token C on DEX_1, then swap2: token C for token D on DEX_2, and then swap3: token D for token B on DEX_3.

How many routes can be used in one transaction?

For now, there can be no more than 3 different routes used in one transaction.

What is slippage?

Price slippage refers to the change in price caused by other users' transactions that are included in the block before your transaction. Any such transaction causes some changes in market conditions in case it affects the reserves in any liquidity pool your transaction utilizes.

What is market impact?

Market impact is the influence of the user's individual trade over the market price of an underlying asset pair. It is directly correlated with the amount of liquidity in the DEXes' pools utilized in the swap transaction.

Why does my transaction fail?

A transaction can fail for a number of reasons. These are the most common ones:

  • The transaction can't be executed with given inputs. Specifically, if it's no longer possible to get the min amount to receive because of the market liquidity and price changed. In this case the slippage parameter you specify is the most important.
  • The transaction exceeds the specified storage or gas limit.
  • The network is busy.
  • Any contract calls inside your transaction fails because of some mistake or error.

If you need any assistance with execution errors with 3Route, please contact us.

Does the 3Route charge any fees?

For now, 3Route users are free of any service fees.

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